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Why Ionic 4 for Ionic Web App Development?

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Ionic is a standout amongst the best framework in the market, It's open source SDK for building up the Hybrid Mobile Application. It incorporates three principle parts, for example, a Sass-based UI structure which is advanced expressly for mobile UIs. Second is an Angular framework which is valuable for creating scalable application quickly.

Furthermore, the third one is a compiler (PhoneGap or Cordova) utilized for native apps with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. This efficient framework includes a few practical out-of-the-box CSS segments.

Ionic 4 carries with it some strong technologies, devices, and ideas, for example, Stencil, Capacitor, Ionic Native 5 and Ionic PWA Toolkit. With ionic 4 you will almost certainly utilize Ionic Components with React, Vue, Angular or with no framework at all.

What are the Top Features of Ionic 4 for Building Ionic Web App


This is a latest web component compiler that creates normal compliant web elements. It's able to work with each framework and use every additional API, like Virtual DOM, async rendering, TypeScript, and JSX.

Web Components

With the launch of web components in version 4 of Ionic, this framework has brought very little a lot of enhancements in practicality as these components perform additionally towards browsers with no demand of writing code repetitively. This can be impoverished to develop extremely playacting progressive web applications.


This is a code execution layer that is additionally referred to as a cross-platform API is ready to call native SDKs from web code with ease and writes custom native plug-ins which an application probably needs.

Moreover, this API offers top-notch progressive web app help for writing the application and redistributes it to the mobile web and app store.

HTML Templates

These are used for acknowledging fragments of mark-up that can't be used at page load however they're represented simply at runtime.


Ionic 4 has come up with best changes in its framework that make the developers more interested in it. Hopefully, it will take the Ionic app development to the next level.

Have you migrated your ionic web apps to Ionic 4? if not then its time for you to contact an experience Ionic App Development Company.

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