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Android App Development: You Must Really Think Upon It

Reasons To Go With Android App Development

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android app development

Android is the king of the Mobile App Industry. Apple Fanboys will strongly disagree with this fact. Nonetheless, it is true. I don’t disagree that Apple’s iPhone market is one of the leading entity in the smartphone industry, but it is second to Android.

I want to prove what I state so that you make the right choice in Android if you are planning to make your own business app. In good spirit, I would suggest the businesses that already own an iOS app to invest in android app development (even if you've got an ios app).

5 Reasons To Go With Android App Development Size Matters

Android has a large user base. To be precise, Android has the majority with 86% of the total smartphone users in the world. So if you decide to opt for Android app development, it means that you will have the chance to reach 136 billion users around the world.

Low App Acceptance Barriers

Have you tried to get your iOS app accepted into the Apple App Store? Trust me it's tough, and still, you have to pay $99 every year to let your app stay in the app store. On the contrary, getting into the Google Play Store is way easier to crack. The Registration fee is only $25 that you need to pay just once, and you are in for life.

Open Source = High Customization

The major difference between iOS and Android is that Android is Open Source while iOS is a proprietary OS. Hence you can’t do much customization with your app in the iOS platform. Guess what Android offers in this? Yup, a fully customizable environment in its open source platform.

Better Revenue Generation

iOS has a good user base that is ready to pay for good apps, but that revenue can still not compete with the revenues that you can make even from making your free app offering in-app purchases and advertisement models. Also, there is a growing customer base in Android that is ready to purchase paid apps for good services.

High SEO Ranking

Hold on to your boots; I’m getting a bit technical here. Apple’s App Store is a closed environment, which means it’s web browsers ranking doesn’t count the iOS downloads to page views. On the other hand, Google Play Store has the benefit in SEO that every click or action in your app is converted into a click on your business homepage or the page linked to your application. This increases your Google ranking by a large range.

Final Word

So if you are planning to build your business app, it is highly advisable that you find the best Android application development for your mobile development project . If you already own an iOS app, then I believe expanding your user base to an extra 86% does seem a good idea.

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